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What I Hope The I Know What You Did Last Summer Remake Will Do

Summer of 2020 seems like a fading memory but the summer of 1997 is coming back in full force.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, the slasher blockbuster from 1997 from the writer of SCREAM, is being remade into a series for Amazon from executive producer James Wan!

This is very exciting news ... but how will they approach this iteration?

The Author of the Novel Hated the I Know What You Did Last Summer Movie

Lois Duncan, the young adult author who penned the novel about two young couples who kill a little boy in a hit and run then cover up the crime, was appalled when she sat down at the theatre to watch the film based on her novel.

The movie took her quiet little suspenseful melodrama and turned it into an urban legend slasher flick with blood and guts. Duncan had faced her own tragedy in life; her daughter had been brutally murdered -- so she did not take too kindly to the violent imagery.

As harsh as it may seem, Lois was not the target audience for the film. It's fans -- like myself -- are still as rampant as ever. But will an homage to her original vision be included?

The Remake Will Be Based off the Movie and Novel

I Know What You Did Last Summer is a cultural phenomenon that has its fans divided by whether the novel or film is better. The report said the remake will reference both though I am not sure if that is the equivalent of saying the original film is based on the novel. Loosely based, more like it.

Check out the novel if you haven't and love a good little thriller.

Remakes have a tendency to be either really praised or really panned in the horror genre. The most recent remake that I think made a great impression was The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.

Well, what are you waiting for? For my full thoughts as an I Know What You Did Last Summer junky, check out my latest video!


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