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Written, directed, edited and starring Justin.

Two people wish to leave a legacy behind. Whether they do or not is up to you. But if history has anything to say about it, they will be infamous.
Written, directed, edited and starring Justin.
anticipation of being in one of the quarantine festivals as a result of the pandemic. 
Directed and edited by Justin.
A demo scene from
the film Sunshine Cleaners.
Life After Beth Series

Life After Beth Series

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Written, edited, starring and directed by Justin.
Filmed in two days using 60  pages of script, Justin did an experiment of what could be accomplished with simply an iPhone 6+ camera, willing/talented actors, iMovie and a vision; LIFE AFTER BETH!
Written, edited, produced and directed by Justin.
A mini documentary retrospective about a year in
broadcasting school during the 2020 pandemic.
Written, produced and starring Justin.
DEATH OF THE PARTY is a film that has played at many festivals around the world.
*Canada Shorts - Award of Distinction | Saint John, CA 2020
*Over The Fence - Semi Finalist | Perth, AUS 2020
*Short Film Festival | Vancouver, 2020
*Canadian  Film Festival | Toronto, 2020
*Twister Alley | NW Oklahoma, USA
Created, co-written and co-produced by Justin.
SOLDIERS OF EARTH was made as a pitch pilot. It is an homage to 90s shows for kids like Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles. It was shot in four days with three locations changes a day, choreography and special effects makeup. 
For more about SOE, click HERE.
*Official Selection at the Vancouver Web Fest 2016
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