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Available for coaching, directing, script analysis or script editing and rehearsal consultations. Please inquire for rates.

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DATE: Wednesdays July 10-31

TIME: 12 PM - 4 PM

PLACE: Dusty Flower Pot Studio - #141 2050 Scotia St., alley entrance


$50 non-refundable deposit by June 19th at noon. Remainder by first class.

Payment options available.



Through two-person scenes assigned from published plays the lab offers an exploration of raw truthful performances to apply both on stage and film. The emphasis will be on story, impulse, and behaviour

all culminating to the last class of filming the work as if it is on set.


Each class builds from the one before to create a living character in a professional,

constructive and inspiring environment while having tons of fun (because otherwise, what’s the point?)!

Warm Up Self-lead off the top of each class. Bring a mat if you wish. This is your time.

CLASS 1: Story Dig into the possibilities of metaphor, actions, and nuance in text from the playwright.

CLASS 2: Impulse Explore outside the perception of a scene for organic, truthful discoveries.

CLASS 3: Character Craft truthful behaviour by refining the marriage of actor and character.

CLASS 4: Refine Perform, polish, or take a risk to explore the potential yet to be savoured.

Structure may change depending on the needs of the group within a session.


"Justin is an extremely perceptive and articulate teacher. His techniques with script work are thorough and he is always extremely well informed on the texts that we have approached together ... I have noticed a deeper connection in my work to my impulses and my environment. I highly recommend his classes to anyone wishing to deepen their skills at text deconstruction and impulse work. He is also a stand up guy." Katherine

"Justin creates a warm and fun class environment for stage and film actors alike.  He's able to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone without making anyone feel unsafe or incapable.  His passion for seeing his students and fellow actors succeed is extremely evident, and his positivity is radiant." Alina

"The lab showed me the ways I could grow, not just as an actor, but also as a human ... the play Justin chose for me and my scene partner was relevant, progressive, and insightful - traits I value as an intersectional feminist. I came into this class semi-unsure of my path, and I came out of the Lab revitalized, motivated, and eager to learn/play more." Sunny

"The class gives the learning actor breathing room to figure out not only why they're saying what they're saying, but what they're specifically doing to their scene partner. In this way, confusion surrounding a line or a scene is often replaced with stronger decisions and confident actions. Justin knows his stuff. He is not only experienced but also passionate about working together with you, to explore the scene and answer specifically what questions naturally arise from one's own exploration. The class therefore places great value on the creative process of getting to a convincing performance as much as the performance itself.  Justin manages to create a very calm yet focused atmosphere by oftentimes starting the class with meditative techniques. Throughout the course of the class, questions are encouraged and you'll spend a good deal of time just talking with Justin ... The class is comfortable in a way that is inspiring and exciting, but still challenging. Whether you're a veteran actor or just starting, Justin's class is a great space to explore your scene." Kevin

"Working with Justin is always such a pleasure. His attention to detail and natural instincts for bringing a scene to life are valuable to the development of any acting student. " Naz

"I loved working with Justin, he really helped me bring a challenging character to life. A talented professional who genuinely enjoys his craft I look forward to working with him again." Lori

"[Justin] maintains focus on who he is instructing and is adept at offering effective feedback and direction. He creates a positive environment and gains actors’ trust and respect. He is very clear and respectful to actors and shows understanding of their process, which allows him to connect with them and help them in realizing their character. He is highly capable at assisting and leading actors in their professional growth. I strongly recommend Justin." Gerald



Justin is an actor in Vancouver, BC. With a writer’s mind and a director’s eye, Justin has a unique perspective on story with compassion for the actor process that has been trusted with enhancing works around the city. His work has been seen in Vancouver, Red Deer, New York, Italy and soon Playa del Carmen. Outside of applied experience Justin has worked with the likes of David Smuckler, Bart Anderson, Dean Paul Anderson, Nadine Wright, James Kot, and Dean Armstrong. He is passionate about storytelling that is raw, spontaneous, and full of achieved potential. Through the lab Justin hopes to instill the exploration of those passions to other artists.


Please reach out via the Contact Page with any questions or to sign up. 

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