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Michael Keaton Starring as Batman in … 2022?!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The shoes Christian Bale had to fill when playing DC’s Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy were not that of his immediate predecessor George Clooney --

-- but Michael Keaton.

Keaton starred in Tim Burton’s take of the character in 1988’s Batman and the 1992 follow-up (and arguably better film -- hello, Catwoman!) Batman Returns. He was the first to wear the cape in a feature film.

It seemed like a cruel joke disguised as an homage when Keaton portrayed a washed-out actor haunted by his glory days as a cowl-wearing superhero in 2014’s Birdman.

But that film brought Keaton back to mainstream consciousness with accolades.

The Wrap is reporting a rumour that he is in talks -- talks, people -- to be Batman once again!

But not in a solo film.

Rather, it would be for an appearance in The Flash starring Ezra Miller in 2022.


Allegedly the plan is to serve “multiverses” storyline first done in the original comics. A multiverse is another way to say “alternative universes” that connects to a larger DC universe. This allows for different versions of the same character to interact.

The Hollywood Reporter is hinting that he may be signed on for more than one iteration and playing a mentor role for more upcoming DC hero films.

Ben Affleck was the last Batman to interact with Ezra Miller’s character but Robert Pattinson is currently filming The Batman with director Matt Reeves for release next year.


So assuming all this is true, will Michael Keaton be playing the older version of his past portrayal? Of Affleck? Robert Pattison? Val Kilmer?!

Tough to say. But if this multiverse theory is true and Jack Nicholson starts signing deals, we’ll soon be dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight all over again.

And I’m here for it.


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